Monday, January 25, 2010

Nearly Famous Author!

On the books at Chapters!

On Saturday (Jan 23rd) I was in the Chapters book store in Moncton. I wandered over to the children's books but naturally never expected to find my books there. However...

They have kiosks set up at various points around the store. You can enter what you're looking for into the computerized system and it'll tell you:

  • If they stock it
  • If it's available in the store
  • How to order a copy if it's not in the store

I looked for both of my children's books, Flutter Bunnies and The Legend of Lumpus and Ogols. And guess what?

They were both listed!

Sure, you have to order them, but I still thought it was pretty cool. Some day I hope to see them and other books of mine on the shelves.

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