Sunday, December 14, 2008

Write Jokes & Laugh All The Way To the Bank!

Want To Write The Funny Stuff?

It's no laughing matter. Writers can make LOADS of dosh writing gags and one-liners.

There are even companies like Reader's Digest that pay hundreds of dollars for humorous stories. And somebody has to write it all.

Why Not You?

Got a humorous side? Like to write quips, jokes, comedy sketches? Limericks?

Then the How To Be Funny course could be just the ticket!

If you enjoy making up and telling your own jokes, then you could be in for some serious money. And if that doesn't tickle your funny bone, then maybe this will...

Order your copy of How To Be Funny, and I'll make sure you receive:
A Full Ten Bucks Off!

To pick up a terrific bargain TODAY, simply click on the link below:
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P.S. I can vouch for the contents of the course, too, because I was involved in doing some of the research. :)

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